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Solar For Your Apartment


Solor Highlights

  • No Money Down

  • For Renters in Multi-tenant Buildings

  • Save Money – Less than the Utility – Guaranteed

  • Flat Monthly Rate

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Frequently asked questions (with answers)

Some common questions about solar for your apartment

  • How does solar get applied to my electric bill?

      1. The Solar installed on your building is specially metered and is managed by and the local utility.
      2. When a person chooses to rent a portion of the solar array, allocates the production of the solar array based on the information provided during the signup. then works with the utility to assure the proper credit on the person’s bill for the person’s portion of the solar generation.
      3. You will see a credit on your bill and separate statement mailed to you from the utility.
        Your new bill = Usage – Solar Generation + Solar Rent
        Your new bill on annual basis < Your old bill on annual basis
  • Will this impact my electric bill?

    • Solar from is cheaper. If you sign up for it you can benefit but the value may vary. Because you can choose different rates from the utility (tiered, time of use, etc.) and your personal usage pattern may vary the exact cost and savings will depend on your choices.

  • What’s the best utility plan for a person when they get solar?

    • If working at home and most of the energy use is daytime they will most likely want a tiered rate from the utility plus solar equaling their monthly usage for maximum benefit.

      If they are away during the day and use most of their energy at night then they will most likely benefit from a time of use plan where they get high credit for the solar energy during the day and pay a lower rate at night.

  • How does charge for solar?

    • Flat Rate. charges a rent per KW of array capacity allocated to the tenant at a flat rate per month calculated based on the person’s selection of the amount for solar power they want. This assures that the solar rental cost and cost saving benefits are both predictable and less expensive than the power from the utility.

  • Is less expensive than the utility provided power?

    • Yes in almost every case. prices its annual rental price to be less than the typical fully loaded price (including metering, daily charges, etc. imposed by the utility).

  • Do I have to put any money up front?

    • No. Neither the renter nor the property owner is asked for any construction funding or cost up front. A credit deposit is typically required depending on length of rental term.

Data supporting our claims

  • stations have built-in high capacity energy storage and on site solar electric generation. Our stations are always on, night or day, grid or no grid.

    • Grid outages happen all the time. When the electricity is out the worst case is you cannot get gasoline, use the elevator or possibly get into your garage or building.

  • will be 2.1% of San Francisco’s solar generation when production begins. We are launching with over 100 sites city-wide.

    • share of solar generation in San Francisco Sites 101
      KWH/Year/ Site 6,475
      Total KWH/Year by 653,975
      Estimated KWH of energy produced in San Francisco per year* 31,113,000
      Approximate amount of solar generation in San Francisco produced by 2.1%


  • When the utility rates increase you save with solar from

    • When you rent you don’t have the opportunity to control your utility costs. Now with Solar for Apartments from you can have solar and pay only based on the savings the solar creates for you. So the next time the rates increase from your utility you’ll be saving even more.

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